Friday, March 30, 2007

Molly Ringwald.

Also known as, "Reverse single crochet with a ridiculously tiny hook is also ridiculously frustrating."

It is also worth it.

Pattern: Molly Ringwald, Fall 2006 Knitscene, Size XS
Yarn: JaggerSpun Zephyr, DK weight, in Ruby
Needles: KnitPicks Options, US size 6 and one crochet hook, size 1 (!)
Start Date: March 20
End Date: March 28

The biggest modification I made, I would say, was my choice of yarn. Instead of a cotton/silk blend, I used a merino/silk blend. I've never had great luck with cottons, I prefer wool. I like my clothes to fit closely, and cotton always seems to stretch too much (and not bounce back!). It's probably due to my relative inexperience with the fiber, but there you go. So, I probably won't be wearing this in the depths of summer, but I'm okay with that.

While I got gauge with this yarn, I snipped 4 stitches off both the front and back pieces -- seeing the "deliciously form-fitting" top look anything but on the model in the magazine was a deciding factor there. When I got to the bodice details, I subtracted those 4 stitches from that section of the garment, and left the stitches allocated to the armholes and straps alone.

I did short row shaping for the armholes.

Bound-off the sleeves on the final purl row of the second pattern repeat (RS) -- I like how binding-off at that point made the bound-off edge curl inwards.

I really love this top. The pics in Knitscene did nothing for me (I'm not a very girly girl), but seeing a few finished versions online really sold me on the design.

I hate, haaaaaate doing crochet edgings, but it was necessary here. It helped to pull-in the straps and keep the strap ruffles from flattening-out when worn. The reverse single crochet on top of the single crochet edging really improves the look, and I think the tiny hook is necessary here -- I've done reverse single crochet on something else (Knitty's Knucks), and the look was bulky and awkward when using a larger hook (I ripped the resulting cuff out and did the ribbed one instead). Even if doing it was a colossal pain in my ass (tiny crochet hook + multi-plied yarn = veins popping out on my forehead).

Here's a better, though not great, view of the edging (and my chest...oops):


Unknown said...

That is a gorgeous top, and it looks very well made.

Overanalyzer: said...

You are such a great knitter! I'm so impressed. I can barely force myself to move on from scarves, but I want to start moving on to socks and lace next. You're so talented!

:) Yvette

soCherry said...

Looks great! I woulda skipped this too given the orginal colour in Interweave. I've just finished Central Park Hoodie and I've no recollection of seeing this pattern - which goes to show how much I passed it by...

Isabel Krueger said...

I love the interesting detail around the neckline.