Thursday, January 8, 2009


Oh wow, I have been absent from this blog for a long, long time. I have a lot of projects to I suppose I should get started, right? I had put off posting this project (my Ravelympics sweater), because I wasn't thrilled with the pictures I had. I still don't have new pictures, and at this point, I'm just going to go ahead and post what I've got.

Pattern: Tempest, from the Spring 2008 Knitty, size B
Yarn: Fleece Artist Blue Face Leicester in Forest, 1 skein
Needles: KnitPicks Options US 6, US 4, and US 3
Notions: 12 antique-finish metal buttons (from JoAnn's), matching sewing thread
Date Started: August 8, 2008
Date Completed: August 23, 2008

Not as many as I would make if I make it again (more on that later). The major change I made to the pattern was knitting this sans stripes (I'm pretty happy with the space-dyed effect I got with this yarn). I used short row shaping for the armholes and shoulders, and used a three needle bind-off for the shoulder seams. I added enough rows of knitting at the bottom of the knitting to give myself an extra 2 inches in length (though in the end, I didn't really get it -- so I am really, really glad I did it). I changed the spacing of the buttons to make them evenly spaced (no skinny stripes to consider), and did a simple yarnover buttonhole instead of the 2-row buttonhole called for in the pattern (which looked terrible when I did it -- it just didn't work well in my hands).

If I were to make this again, and I'm planning on it, I wouldn't slip the edge stitches (I should have listened to the little voice in my head on that one). I got substandard seams (I get cleaner results doing it the old-fashioned way), and I don't think it was worth it for the 2x-speed seaming. I would also knit a size up, so I wouldn't have to manhandle the fabric quite so much in blocking (note: after I took these pictures, I used my mom's blocking board and got some more length out of this sucker...I think that you need a board and wires to get the called-for finished measurements for this sweater).

However, I love the silhouette of this sweater, and the idea of using fingering weight yarn on larger needles is sheer genius. The fabric is so light and drapey, and the sweater is about as all-season as a wool sweater can be. If I ever find the time (I have too much yarn and too many projects in my queue as it is), I would love to make another one of these. In black. In black cashmere (or cashmere-merino blend). Seriously. How wonderful would that be? It would be a great wardrobe piece that I could wear to death.

Comments about the yarn. Oh my, I loved this yarn. It was strong, it was soft. I could seam with it, complete the sewn bind-off on the neckline and front bands, and sew down the hem facing, and it only fuzzed-up a little. Amazing. And the color is gorgeous. And what a value! It may look pricey, but I got an entire sweater out of one skein...with enough left over for a pair of socks. Not bad at all.

So, that was August and the Ravelympics. Which leaves me with 4-5 months' worth of projects to blog about. Oy...


Anonymous said...

Oh, I thought you were on a roll and would write up the full 5 months worth...

Bring it on!

Brandy said...

It is very beautiful, glad you are trying to rejoin the blogging world!

lekkercraft said...

Cute Amanda! It looks great on you. It's a perfect easy to wear sweater, and the color makes it special. Congrats on your great FO!

Susan said...

Glad to read your post! That came out really well. The color variation is perfect for Tempest!

Amanda said...

Thanks, everyone!

I really am trying to get these posts out -- I'm aiming for one every couple of days, so nobody will get overwhelmed (least of all me!).

Virtuous said...

I agree with SmashinPuffin - thought you were gonna blast us so bring it!! :oD

Glad you are still doing lots of knitting!

LEO said...

That sweater looks great on you! I think your choice for the extra length was a good one - it looks awfully short in the pattern pictures. Nice work.