Sunday, January 25, 2009


Clearly, I have failed to "bring it." My apologies. To make up for said failure, I present to you the most complicated sweater I have ever knit (which I suppose makes the other projects I have yet to post far less interesting now...d'oh).


Pattern: Demi, by Kim Hargreaves, in Vintage Knits, size XS (32" bust)
Yarn: Kathmandu Aran Tweed, Ruby, 9.5 skeins
Needles: KnitPicks Options US 5 (collar), 6 (body and sleeve ribbing), and 7 (body and sleeves)
Notions: 4 Medium Gunmetal Buttons (from Rowan)
Date Started: September 18, 2008
Date Completed: December 23, 2008

Used a three-stitch bobble instead of the five-stitch bobble called for in the pattern.
Knit/Purl (RS/WS) the first and last stitches of each row (hey, they're selvedge stitches, no reason to knit them in pattern, right?). However, if the pattern called for that stitch to be involved in a cable cross, I knit the cable cross (and made the next stitch over the new selvedge stitch, and knit it accordingly).
Added length to the body and sleeves.
Increased the number of rows in the middle of the waist shaping decreases/increases.
Used a 3 needle bind-off for the shoulders.
Adjusted the spacing of the sleeve decreases/increases to compensate for my row gauge.
Adjusted the sleeve cap shaping to compensate for my row gauge.
Adjusted the stitch count slightly for the neckband, to let my obsessive-compulsive tendencies shine through (ie, get the ribbing in the neckband to line-up with the pattern in the sweater body).
Tubular bind-off for neckband.
Whipstitched a small portion of the button band to the sweater (basically, from the armhole edge to the buttonhole nearest the armhole) to help the button band lay flat.

Please note that there is an error in the chart legend for those of you with an old copy of the pattern book -- it's pretty obvious, though. The chart itself is fine.

(yes, I am growing-out my hair...and yes, I get rather pale during the winter)

I am amazed that I knit this thing. Back when I first began knitting and reading knit blogs, I saw finished versions of this sweater and thought that someday, maybe, I would knit that, though I never really believed that I'd make it far enough in my knitting to do so. I'm so glad that I gave it a try. I'm quite sure that I'll wear this sweater to death. It's warm (but not too warm), comfortable, and I love the fit (fitted-yet-classic) and color (the pictures are mostly accurate, but the color is more...saturated (?) in real life). I'm officially a fan of the yarn. It doesn't feel that great while working with it, there is some vegetable matter in there, and you should forget about trying to sew seams of any real length with it (I will admit I am rough with seaming yarn -- I used a different yarn that closely matched the Kathmandu for all seams except for the buttonband-to-left front seam, which was short enough to allow for using the Kathmandu), but it softens-up nicely in the wash.

This is the second Kim Hargreaves design that I have knit (the first being Iris, which I have yet to show you...oops). I'm a big fan of her design aesthetic, have two of her books beyond the Rowan books and magazines her work has been published in (Nectar and Thrown Together), and have many other designs in my queue. I actually enjoyed knitting this sweater (despite having to purl through the back loop, etc.). I love the look of the waist shaping along the sides of the sweater -- I'm impressed that she designed a heavily textured/cabled sweater in an aran-weight yarn that manages to look feminine and fitted (if still a little sporty, which is fine by me).

I have worn Demi many times now, and it's holding-up nicely. No pills (yet), no other issues, unless you consider the sleeve length (and the unfortunate time I tried to take it off without unfastening enough of the buttons...that was embarrassing). Now, I love long sleeves. I knit the sleeves to this length on purpose (I like having my hands mostly covered). However, long bell sleeves can get in the way, in a manner that long tapered sleeves do not. So, sadly, Demi and knitting are not friends (nor are Demi and doing my hair, or Demi and eating messy food, or Demi and doing dishes ( that bad?)). But. Demi and freakishly cold Chicago weather? They're getting along smashingly.


Virtuous said...

Yeah you "brought it" even with your lapse with that serious sweater!!! Great work and great review!

Like the hair too! :oD

Virtuous said...

Yeah you "brought it" even with your lapse with that serious sweater!!! Great work and great review!

Like the hair too! :oD

jamy said...

Beautiful! You give me hope for the sweater I want to knit someday but still don't have the courage to tackle.

Team Knit ! said...

Stunning sweater!!! It looks incredible on you.

- Julie

Alice from france said...

Stunning work!! Bravo it's wonderful!!

Susan said...

That is an amazing FO! Great color, detail, texture. You name it and this sweater has got the best way that is. lol.

Shannon said...

Awesome! Love the color and the fit...the length of the sleeves is perfect! - who wants to do dishes anyways?

Lissa said...

Wow! What a beautiful job... Seeing the slow unveiling of FOs is reminding me of the basket of UFOs I have that I need to get to... Thanks for sharing - hope all is good in Chicago

LEO said...

Holy crap that sweater is gorgeous! I'm impressed at how quickly you knit it, too. I could really go for a demi to cuddle up in on a day like today. Brr.

Noelle said...

HOLY SHEEYAT! GIRL!!! When I saw your post, I couldn't believe it! (I also had to email my sister today and say "Since WHEN are you on FACEBOOK?")

Go email me! We can trade email addys, my regular blog page, etc. My paranoid side won't let me post them in open comments. ;)

Christina said...

This is a gorgeous sweater! You do such beautiful work.

Claire said...

What a beautiful sweater! I love the buttons on the shoulder.

Maryse said...

Your Demi is gorgeous! It seems to fit perfectly. I like the long sleeves and the "tweedy pink". Congratulations!

lekkercraft said...

Woah, this is amazing! Your finishing is always so beautiful.

lekkercraft said...

Woah, this is amazing! Your finishing is always so beautiful.