Sunday, May 18, 2008

Treading Water.

Oh my, I have neglected my blog. And how!

I don't have anything new to show you (need to dig out the camera), but here's an update....

I have finished knitting, but have yet to post about:

The Southern Snowfall Scarf I finished last winter.

My first pair of socks (Crusoe)! They only took me 3 years to knit!

I have been close to finishing:

My new nephew's Baby Bobbi Bear. All it needs are two arms and a face.

. I stalled-out after sewing all of the pieces together. All I need to do is knit the collar, weave in the ends, and sew on some buttons (and, uh, find some buttons). I got to play with my mom's blocking board and wires (I knit the majority of this in Ohio on vacation), I know what I'm buying someday. I really love this sweater, so I'm a touch perplexed that I haven't managed to finish it when I could have still worn it...burn-out, perhaps (I knit the vast majority of this sweater in about a week).

Shop 'Til You Drop
, the market bag pattern from Hemp For Knitting. I only need to sew the straps onto the bag and wash it.

And with all of this to post about or finish, what did I do? I started a new sweater. My addled brain somehow convinced itself that my problem wasn't that I just need to complete these unfinished projects and move on with my life, it was that I just needed a whole lot of mindless stockinette. So, I've begun this (the Shawl Collar Cardigan from Jo Sharp Knit Issue 1). It's really quite lovely. But it's slow, even though it shouldn't be. I think I may just be a bit burnt-out. Or simply overwhelmed.

I am officially pathetic. I really have no excuse. Granted, I moved to a new apartment at the beginning of the month and am continuing the never-ending (or at least it seems like it) job search (is it me, or is the job market horrible?). I suppose I'm a little depressed, too, but spring is here and I'll snap out of it soon, I think.

So, I'm going to make a sincere, conscious effort to simplify my life. By "simplify," I mean that I'm going to dig out the digital camera from wherever it's hiding (ah, the fun of finding things post-move!), post about that scarf (so seasonally appropriate!) and pair of socks, finish those dang projects (and post about them, too!), and get back to a manageable number of WIPs.

I'm screwed, aren't I.


Anonymous said...

"is it me, or is the job market horrible?"

-It's not just you
- Amy, an Employment Counsellor

Amanda said...

Oh, I could seriously hug you for that. I know it's bad, everyone says that it's bad, but hearing it from someone who isn't my boyfriend definitely makes me feel better. So, thank you.

Clumsy Knitter said...

I'm in the same situation...trying to find a job, about to move to a new's bad. Good thing we have knitting! ;-)

Clumsy Knitter said...

I'm in the same situation: looking for a job and about to move to a new's bad. Good thing we have knitting! ;-)

Amanda said...

Hey! Belated welcome to the neighborhood.
Don't worry, you'll find a job. Just be thankful of the extra time you have now to knit that will soon be taken from you (not that looking for a job isn't time consuming).

LEO said...

Oh job hunting in Chicago ... it's horrible. Especially now! Best of luck to you.

Monique said...

It's not just you - it's a hard time to be job-hunting. Don't let your project finishing get you down. You'll probably swing around to one of those periods where you'll want to clear the decks and get things out of the way. Right now, sounds like you need to be in the midst of a project providing some distraction and stress-relief -- nothing wrong with that!

Good luck with everything. Oh,and if the weather is nice in where you are, try to get out for a bit of a walk--I've found that taking some extra time outside when the weather is starting to break into something nicer can be a real mood-brightener.

Marilyn said...

I love that Jo Sharpe cardi, but cannot find a copy of the book, would you like to sell yours?

meghan said...

i'm tagging you with a Meme this time!!! check out my blog for the rules! :)