Sunday, October 7, 2007

Progress Report: Henry

Yes, it's been awhile.

First, I moved. Yes, it sucked. But it's over, and I'm pretty happy in my new (temporary) digs.

Second, I had a nice little trip over to Chicago last weekend, to see the boyfriend and go to a wedding. That didn't suck.

Third, I'm working on this. This? Is tedious. But man, working with cashmere is pretty nice (I'm using Sarah's Yarns 2-ply cashmere in Peacock). Well, other than the "tug too hard and it'll come apart in your hands, making you feel like the Hulk" thing. That's happened twice. The first time, right at the end of the cast-on. Which is why I haven't unraveled the provisional bit yet, for fear that my entire scarf would unravel (and yes, it would have been much smarter to do that and find out for sure before knitting the entire scarf).

I haven't been known for my intelligence as of late. Just sayin'.

Here's a progress shot (the color is a little off -- it's a touch more green than this):

I'm pretty happy with it so far -- I'm three repeats into the pattern, and haven't decided if I'll do the full seven, or just stop at six. And yes, I'm making it for myself, because I love the pattern, and my boyfriend didn't (okay, to his credit, he said he liked it, but it was "too nice"). I have a feeling that this will stretch a lot lengthwise when I block it -- it isn't that long now (certainly not 60 inches), but it's wider than I would have expected at this point. The fabric is very light and thin, but so, so soft. Working with fingering weight yarn and small needles on such a large (to me -- scarves seem so much more motivation-draining than sweaters) project is making me reconsider knitting Thermal (in the "I may actually try to knit this now" way).

Those of you who weren't blinded by the pretty blue herringbone goodness in front of you may have noticed that I've cut off more hair. It's officially a pixie cut now. I like it, but it's a bit severe for the moment (my stylist tends to overcut, which is a good thing in the end, letting me go longer between trims)...a couple weeks will take care of that, though. And some earrings (I went on a bit of an Etsy shopping spree on Friday).

Okay. Back to slogging through 400+ stitch rows. Yaaaaaaay.


jenna said...

It absolutely looks like loom-woven fabric. Beautiful work! I think the tedium of knitting a scarf on size 3's would about kill me. Glad you're keeping it for yourself! :)

itsjustmeghan said...

that is BEAUTIFUL! and i bet in the cashmere it feels heavenly! i can't imagine knitting something that big in that small gauge. bravo to you! no wonder you've been quiet!
for the hair? i love it! you look like a cute little french girl! hahaha. i wish i could wear my hair that face can do it (when i'm not too heavy) but my hair doesn't want to lay right, so i fight it the whole time. your hair looks like it enjoys the cut! hooray!
4000 in front of me for ravelry...i'll join you soon!

CraftyGryphon said...

Looks great, and really does look woven. I had to click on the link to Knitty to see that yes, in fact, it's knitted. Verracool!

I'm doing a scarf on size 2s shortways, and getting to the end of a row on that probably isn't as thrilling as getting to the end of a row on Henry!