Monday, September 17, 2007


First in a series of "Amanda pulls projects out of suspended animation so they'll stop staring at her accusingly whenever she opens her closet door."

What? You say your neglected WIPs don't have eyes? Lucky you.

Pattern: Earl, from Jane Ellison's Noro Knits
Yarn: Noro Iro, 3 skeins (exactly), some random wool for seaming
Needles: Clover bamboo straights, US10
Date Started: March or April 2005
Date Finished: September 15

Only one -- I sewed the handles to the inside of the bag flat, instead of folding/seaming the handles and sewing them to the inside of the bag. I only folded/seamed the handles for the portion outside of the bag (to eliminate bulk on the inside of the bag). You can see what I'm talking about here:

I'm pretty happy with the finished bag, though I will probably line it or find some other way to give it a little more substance/structure, as it's pretty floppy (I had a box in there for the modeled shot).

I know what you're thinking. "You started this in 2005?!?"

Well, I got the book and the yarn back when I was in my brief Noro period (You'll be seeing Gesta soon, if I can get around to doing the finishing on that, and I bought the yarn for Klaralund (which became Lady Eleanor) around the same time). I knit the pieces of the bag relatively quickly, but I had no idea how to seam the thing. My only experience in seaming at that point in time was a simple stockinette sweater, so seaming seed stitch left me completely befuddled. I am much more experienced in sewing these days, so when I went hunting for my partially complete Central Park Hoodie (I'm feeling the need to finish that, too) and saw this, I decided that I really had to get off my behind and finish the bag. Especially since the yarn was a birthday gift. Thanks for the 29th birthday present, Mom!

(yes, that means I'm 31)

(but telling everyone my age is nowhere near as revealing as letting the world know that it took me two and a half years to knit a simple bag)

Maybe someday I'll show you the sock that's taken me about the same amount of time to knit.


melissa said...

well, it may have taken you 2.5 years, but i'm glad you finished it. it's damn cute!

Amanda said...

Cute bag! Are you going to use it to carry around projects? Because that would be fitting, especially if it was the new home to your unfinished sock.

I've always wondered how knit handles hold up over time. You'll have to let me know.

By the way, thanks for the Dad comment. He was really happy to see reactions and now he says things like, "yeah, the knitting world thinks I'm cool." I love that man.

itsjustmeghan said...

that is an awesome bag! perfect for carrying around someone's new macbook and a knitting project. so cool! and what an awesome little weekend knitting pick me up! already knitted just needs seeming? perfecto!

Virtuous said...

Man! You are cranking them out!

I love me some NORO!

lekkercraft said...

So pretty and well worth the wait, I think! That Noro colorway is fantastic, and I really like how the texture of the stitches looks.

Octopus Knits said...

I'm glad you finished it to -- what a great bag!

CraftyGryphon said...

Lovely bag.

And yes, all 56 of the bloody projects I've started and not quite finished yet glare at me with their beady little eyes (if they have beads) or try to trip me when I go into the craft room.

Especially the ones from the early '90's...