Monday, July 30, 2007


Again, not much in the way of knitting content. I got maybe another inch or two of Fad Classic done since I last's slowly getting there. I have a big meeting in a few days, so once that's past me, I should pick up some speed (even though work will still be relatively demanding).


My hair? Is in a dumpster somewhere in Chicago.

Wait! I do have knitting content! I'm wearing the L'il Black Riding Hoodie. I truly am wearing this to death. It's the perfect all-purpose sweater.

As for the hair, I love it. The last time I had hair this short was about 8 years ago. It wasn't very flattering. But this? I really like this. Maybe my face lost some of its roundness (which it did), but I think this is all thanks to the stylist. Who spent an inordinate amount of time on my hair (an hour and 40 minutes -- she didn't have any appointments before or after mine). If anyone in Chicago is looking for a good stylist, I can't recommend Melissa at Fusion (on Clark) enough. She's a genius (she is also incredibly fun and witty, so that hour+ in the chair just flew right by).

But now? Back to work. Hooray!.

Uh, not really.


Jen said...

Wowza! I LOVE your hair!!!! Once upon a time, I had hair that short, but it never looked that smashing on me! I've had longer to long-ish hair since then, and right now, my hair is waaaay too long. I have planned my own Chicago chop-chop session to take my shaggy nastiness to a stylish bob -- less than two weeks to my appointment! -- but seeing your hair makes me want to take the ultimate hair plunge again! You look fabulous!

Good luck with that big meeting coming up!

Amanda said...

Thanks, Jen! I hadn't had a haircut since last November (butchering my own bangs doesn't count), so I was way overdue. I hope you enjoy your new style once you have your appointment!

Octopus Knits said...

I like your new hair! (and I love the second photo!)

goodkarma said...

So cute! You wear it well...

Anonymous said...

Your hair is great! Although I frequently try to grow mine out, it always ends up short.

Amanda said...

Ok, so the 6th time you get to read it: I love your hair cut! Mine used to be that short but my curly mess doesn't like to be tamed in that way and I finally gave up and grew it out. Blah.

Oh, I started my Fad Classic finally, what color is yours? Mine is teal, I think you mentioned we have the same color. Next time you are in Chicago we can have dinner with Mat and Jim and wear the same shirt. Ha! What a cool dorks we could be.

itsjustmeghan said...

i LOVE your hair!!!! LOVE it! i had mine like that, but shorter and it made me look like a pumpkin head! i love it on you! very cute!
you're in chicago? what school are you going to? i didn't realize you were down there. coolio!

Amanda said...

Thanks, everyone!


Thanks! Yeah, my Fad Classic is teal, but I think that yarn comes in something like 4 shades of teal (seriously, it comes in SO many colors), so maybe we'll just be very similar and only sorta cool dorks instead of ultimate matching cool dorks.


Thank you! You know, when I had the short cut in the past, it didn't look so great (my mom disagrees, but I think she's supposed to always like how I look...or at least say that), so I think it was my luck in having a really gifted stylist. Anyway, I'm not quite in Chicago. I'm in Boston, but my boyfriend is in Chicago, so I'm there quite often. Once I graduate, I'll be in Chicago full-time. I can't wait!

The Amy said...

That looks really awesome! Props to you for being daring and rocking it! :)

Crystal said...

Eeeee! Super cute hair! It totally makes up for the lack of knitting. Okay, not really, but almost ;)

gkg said...

very very cute. short hair rules!

itsjustmeghan said...

how did she cut it? was it razored? or did she use texturing shears? or was it all just straight cutting?
i love the short hair is curly so it actually is more work when its that short, because if i don't do anything with it, i'd have a little fro. hahaha.

well, enjoy boston (i've always wanted to visit there!) and i look forward to you living in chi town!

Amanda said...


She did a bit of everything. Since I had a lot of hair to begin with, she did some straight cutting to get it to a more manageable length, then she razored it and also used some texturing shears (which she said she rarely uses). She cut it wet, then dry, then cleaned it up a bit more after styling it. She's very thorough!

I'm always kind of envious of those with curly hair ("grass is always greener" and all that), but I can see how having it short would involve some work!

itsjustmeghan said...

sounds like you got a great cut then!
thanks for adding me to your links! i promise to post more often!