Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Two-Toned Shrug.

aka, FO: The Crankypants Edition.

I know, I know, it looks okay. However, making this l'il thing was...annoying.

Pattern: Two-Toned Shrug, from Fitted Knits
Yarn: SWTC Karaoke, in Tobacco
Needles: Knitpicks Options, US 6 and 4 (I think, it's been awhile)
Date Started/Finished: it was months took me about 3 days
Mods: None, really.

Yarn choice, yarn choice, yarn choice. I chose poorly, folks. I had heard some really good things about this yarn, the only negatives I heard were in regards to the self-striping colorways, but....oh my. If I use this *&^&*^! again, it'll only be because I have leftovers.


It's expensive, it's not all that soft, you can't sew a seam with it to save your life (which wouldn't have bothered me if I knew this ahead of time), and while you can't see it in the pic, balls in the same supposed dyelot (I say "supposed," because there was no dyelot on the ballbands) weren't the same color. I have half a sleeve and ribbing that don't quite match the rest of the shrug (the difference was more noticable pre-washing).

Which I guess makes this a two-toned shrug, even though that wasn't my intention.

I will never buy Karaoke again, and to be honest, this makes me suspicious of SWTC's yarns -- sorry, but I hold grudges, even if some of my issues with this yarn are my own fault.

I have nothing but praise for the pattern, but boy, looking at this FO makes me get all twitchy. Maybe someday I'll make another out of the recommended yarn.


Isabel Krueger said...

I really love this little shrug

Laurel said...

Hi! I came here via Ravelry... just wanted to second your thoughts on Karaoke. I hated everything about it, particularly that it kept breaking on me. I used a self striping one that was impossible to match up, skein to skein. What a headache. Regardless, your shrug is cute in the photo. Its on my list.

Amanda said...

Laurel, I'm sorry you had a bad experience with Karaoke, but I'm kind of glad to hear that I'm not alone! You know, that nagging voice that "maybe it's you?"

Nope. Just bad yarn.

Devonshire said...

I'm sorry to hear about the yarn, but I appreciate the advice and will stay away from it if it ever tries to get in my basket.

P.S. The shrug looks fantastic as do your other knits. And don't worry about a 'real' camera - the lab ones gives you an edge.