Friday, April 13, 2007

Green Gable, Revisited.


Let me explain. I knit this last summer, in July or August. This being my first Zephyr Style knit, I was unaware of the tendency of their patterns to be REALLY FREAKIN' SHORT. So, even with trying it on as I knit it, I

A) Made it too short, even though I had added length to the pattern.
B) Inserted hip increases

This? Was a bad idea. I basically had a sweater that was too short and flared-out at the bottom. Not flattering.

Of course, being the lazy bum that I am, I didn't rip it out and fix it until now (when it finally became warm enough for me to want to wear it). I ripped back to just before those increases, whipped out my leftover skein of Cotton Fleece (glad I was also too lazy to return it) and knit about an additional 3-4 inches past where I had knit it before (yes, you read that right -- I made this thing MUCH longer than the pattern called for -- I am either freakishly tall for a size S or have a very long waist, apparently).

Now? I'll actually wear it.

Pattern: Green Gable, from Zephyr Style, Size S
Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, Jungle Green (as called for in the pattern), 2.5 skeins
Needles: KnitPicks Options Circulars, US 4 (ribbing) and 6 (body)

Made it really, really, REALLY long. I even worried that I may have gone too far and made it too long when I first tried it on after binding-off, but it stretches width-wise with wear (and therefore shrinks in length) and the length is perfect now.

Bound-off the body using the sewn bind-off method. I now wish I had done that with the sleeves, too, especially now that I'm lifting weights again...

I do have a few minor annoyances with the pattern. I don't like how the stockinette rolls on the back neckline and the bottom ribbing in the front flares out a tad...but I can live with it.


Faith! said...

I'm so terrible at fixing things that didn't work out well the first time around- your modifications are an inspiration! Great job, this is one of my favorite Green Gables I've seen!

Amanda said...

Thanks, Faith!

Sally said...

I had to frog practically my entire Green Gable. I'm bigger than you, so I cast on for the medium but did the increases called for in the large (didn't want a gaping neckline), and it was GINORMOUS. Seriously. So do you find their patterns run large? Cuz I want to do the Rusted Root next, and it would be nice to get it semi-right on the first try. Your feedback is much appreciated. :o)

Amanda said...


I apologize for the slow reply -- for some reason, Blogger didn't notify me about a whole slew of comments...

I find that their patterns are pretty true to size, for me. My Green Gable did come out a bit snug, though. The one thing I'd say about their patterns is that every one of them I've knit (I've made 4) is short. VERY short. But, I have to add length to a lot of patterns (I guess I'm tall for my size -- I'm long waisted, too).

I would just keep a close eye on gauge and as soon as you've separated the arms, try it on as you go. If it comes out a bit small, blocking can do wonders (I'd say that everything I've knit out of Cotton Fleece has grown a touch in the wash).