Friday, March 9, 2007

And so it goes...

It's been awhile, for various reasons. Ignoring the icky ones (illness and the like), I've been working on Starsky.

Starsky isn't exactly a quick knit, though once I finished the back and fronts (ie, everything with cables), the pace picked-up considerably.

I'm not finished with it yet, but here's a quick picture I took after seaming. Please note that I haven't blocked the thing yet...and yes, I know one of the cardinal rules of seaming is "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, BLOCK FIRST," but I'm a cowboy like that. I am also lazy and did not want to wash this thing multiple times (my yarn reeks of vinegar, and I'm seaming with the pattern yarn). I also have live stitches on the back of the neck (again, lazy -- not picking up stitches if I can leave them live)....I'm just full of excuses, aren't I?

It's been a long week, hence the vacant expression. Though, I think that expression also reads as "huh...are the shoulders okay? I think so? This better stretch when I block it..."

Next? The shawl collar of doom....with any luck, you'll see a finished Starsky sometime next week. I'll rattle off the list of modifications I made to the pattern then.

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