Thursday, February 15, 2007

Doctor Who Wrist Warmers.

I saw these on the Livejournal knitting group, and they've been on my "to knit" list ever since.

Pattern: Rose's Wrist Warmers
Yarn: JaggerSpun Zephyr DK, Ruby (I got a whole 1lb. cone as a gift!)
Needles: KnitPicks Options Circulars (40" for magic loop), US 4, 1 cable needle
Date Started: February 5
Date Completed: February 13

I used a tubular cast-on and did K1,P1 ribbing instead of K2,P2 (this is before I learned the trick for a K2,P2 tubular cast-on)

I have small forearms and wrists (my wrists measure something like 6 and 1/4"), so I noticed early on that these might be a bit loose if I followed the pattern exactly. I decided to do two sets of decreases in the first diamond motif repeat to bring the stitch count down by 4. In doing so, I also had to shorten the repeat length to 13 rounds (from 15), so my diamonds are a little smaller than they were in the pattern. The fit is much better, though.

I placed the thumb gusset for the left mitt slightly differently than written in the pattern (I made it mirror the right mitt -- I think this may have been a typo in the pattern...if not, it doesn't seem to make much difference).

I used a sewn bind-off (see the Wicked post for a link) for both the main body and the thumb.

These are great. Warm, comfy, and soft. The pattern was well-written and very easy to follow (I love charts). The silk in the yarn gives them a nice glow. I'll definitely be using more Zephyr in the future (the rest of the cone is earmarked for Molly Ringwald -- which calls for a cotton blend, but I just don't care for the inelastic quality of cotton...I prefer something with a little "sproing" to it).


Ilix said...

Those look great! I also love your wicked and Lady elanor. Really nice job. Did you mention what yarn you used for the wicked? It looks lovely!

Amanda said...

Ilix, Thanks! I used Malabrigo worsted in Polygala for Wicked (it was a great Christmas gift!) -- the color shown in the pics isn't super-accurate, but I believe Webs ( carries Malabrigo in that color.

Kuka said...

these are really cute!
and your wicked is... well, wicked hehe
now I want one too!!!

librarylass said...

I'm loving those mits, I might just have to make them for myself! (not that it really gets cold where I am, but still, comfy mitts.. how can you resist?