Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Advantages to dating boys in bands...

So, my boyfriend's band is putting an album out in the upcoming months, and lucky me, I get to hear a bunch of the tracks pre-/post-mixing.

Sweet, eh?*

I can be rather critical when I feel like it (which is often), but I can find very little to quibble about where these tracks are concerned. To take a few comments out of an IM chat regarding the tracks:

The Positive

"...someone whispering in your ear the morning after a one-night stand" -- reference to some good rumbly vocals, followed by "maybe I shouldn't send my mom a link to my blog."

"...the opening to that song is so kick-ass."

Basically, I like what I'm hearing. It's been a treat to get random recordings over the last year or so, and get to hear these songs, and the band, develop.

The Not-As-Positive

"I don't like P's vocals on it...they're missing something." Minor complaint, but I'm really particular about vocals. Their singer has this great bass voice, great range, and somehow they managed to suck the rumble out of his voice on one track. Giving it another listen, it isn't bad by any means, I just think it could be better (better = to my tastes, natch).

"'ve got more control here, sure, but you lose some of the low-fi messy sexiness" This is a generic complaint of mine that applies to pretty much all recordings that aren't of live shows. What can I say? I like live music, which means I like fuzz, I like mess, I like the little mistakes that you don't really notice but somehow bring life and individuality to the performance (I also like run-on sentences).

And yet, I hate jam bands with a passion you cannot imagine. I'm such an enigma.

So, if you're in the Chicago area, check out Arks. If you aren't, buy their album when it comes out. Boyfriend needs a new pair of shoes.

*Note: This is only sweet if you actually like the music. Keep this in mind when choosing your next boyfriend, ladies.

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